Multi-Carrier Technology

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BBA’s multi-carrier shipping software is the perfect solution for any business

Perhaps you read through our Features page and thought, “This all sounds great, but I don’t need all these bells and whistles.” If so, don’t worry – we still have you covered via our multi-carrier module. This means you can still achieve faster, more affordable logistics – even if you don’t want all the extra features.

Multi-carrier technology allows you to work with a range of carrier partners by choosing the right service for every delivery. Whether you are selecting the cheapest service or comparing speed and price for each shipment, BBA’s multi-carrier technology will allow your business to work with as many providers as you need to optimise your carrier decision making.

Add more carriers to your current mix and enjoy further savings. Our system improves carrier services by providing the right type of delivery to the right type of customer without compromising your existing workflows. The BBA multi-carrier solution is also highly customisable, which means it can handle everything from simple setups with one dispatch location to complex fulfilment models (such as multi-geographical supply chains). Whatever your shipping needs are, we can tailor the ultimate solution for you.

How Multi-Carrier Technology Can Help Your Business

BBA’s sophisticated software allows your business to drive shipping costs lower while optimising carrier service standards. The more carriers added to your freight mix, the higher your cost savings and service improvements.

Our technology will also help to:

  • Centralise your multiple carriers via one easy-to-use system
  • Mitigate business risk and diversify your service offering (which is essential during those busy periods when reliable carrier service is critical).
  • Streamline order management and multi-carrier selection processes via automated shipping rules and packaging logic
  • Drive sales and optimise shopping cart conversions via your online store with shipping rules and a multi-carrier module allowing for real-time quoting and selection.

Multi-Carrier Technology in Action

If you are sending a package from Japan to Australia, a carrier such as DHL might provide the best shipping option for the overseas section of the journey. However, once your goods have landed in their destination country, it may be faster and/or less expensive for Australia Post to handle the local delivery.

Our multi-carrier shipping software calculates these variables before dispatch. The tracking number that is automatically generated for your package will work for any and all carriers involved in the process. This means your goods can pass from one carrier to another without delay.


Can the BBA system filter and select the right services even if I sometimes send dangerous goods or PO Box deliveries?

This is no problem. BBA’s multi-carrier system is robust and accounts for all shipping scenarios including dangerous goods and many other exceptions.

How does BBA’s multi-carrier shipping system work?

Our technology is able to instantly retrieve and compare the potential carrier options for a particular voyage. The system then preselects the most suitable alternative for every stage of the package’s journey.

Can BBA’s multi-carrier system distinguish between my ecommerce sales channels and my business-to-business delivery needs while still automating carrier selection?

Yes. BBA’s multi-carrier system is a global platform designed and developed to be a totally comprehensive solution for a growing business. Our technology can handle supply chain, ecommerce, and business-to-business elements simultaneously, giving you an all-in-one solution for your shipping.

Can BBA’s multi-carrier selection work with international shipping as well as domestic?

BBA’s multi-carrier logic can work across any market worldwide and is well suited to international shipping.

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