International Shipping

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With a focus on efficiency and an abundance of useful features, our international shipping software can save your business time and money while also impressing your customers all over the world. Your BBA web app can be customised to make it as simple or complex as you need it to be. Whether you are delivering to customers in every continent or simply need to transfer materials between two countries, our international shipping software has you covered.

BBA: The Perfect International Shipping Solution

Using BBA technology can ensure your overseas deliveries are fulfilled and handled quickly and affordably, no matter where their destination is. Our international shipping software is ideal for companies that:
  • Offer their goods to customers all over the world
  • Have factories, distributors, retail stores, or offices in multiple countries
  • Provide materials or products to other companies around the globe.

Why Choose BBA?

The BBA shipping platform has a number of included features designed to make international shipping a more convenient and manageable process. Prior to your packages being shipped, our system can take into account and calculate any:
  • Customs clearances
  • Duties
  • Taxes
On top of this, any relevant currency exchanges will be predicted, allowing you to pay everything upfront in a single currency. Ready to integrate our feature-rich shipping platform into your business’s processes? We make it easy; contact us today so we can get started on improving your logistics.

Megan’s Story: A Hypothetical Case Study

Megan is the new logistics manager at Smartified Technologies, a manufacturer and seller of smartphones and tablet devices. The majority of the company’s goods are produced by a factory in California. The brand has retail stores and certified distributors throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Weekly sales in each location are unpredictable, which means Megan is under pressure to streamline and quicken the stock delivery process – without increasing any costs, of course. Instead of sending each retail store’s stock to them individually as the company has previously done, Megan implements BBA’s international shipping software. Now the factory in California can send all the stock for one region’s retailers in a single bulk shipping.

For example, Australia has 12 Smartified stores: five in Sydney, four in Melbourne, and three in Brisbane. The company’s shipment arrives at the harbour in Sydney and is quickly and easily broken down. The packages’ tracking numbers enable them to be swiftly passed on to the appropriate local delivery services and taken to each of the Australian shops. Because the fulfilment for these packages was fast and automated, the stores receive their goods sooner than they previously would have. Yet the company as a whole saves money by sending the entire country’s stock in a single bulk delivery.

Nice work, Megan.


My business doesn’t ship internationally very often. Would BBA still be useful for me?

Absolutely. Even infrequent international shipping can cost you a lot of time and money if it is not streamlined and efficient.

Where can I deliver to?

Wherever you are planning to ship to, we have you covered. Please get in touch to discuss your international shipping needs.

Can I use BBA for domestic shipping?

Of course. Our system is suited to domestic shipping as well as international.

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