BBA’s comprehensive range of fantastic features is what sets our shipping platform apart. From saving you time to giving you (and your customers) peace of mind, there’s a function for just about everything when you use BBA technology.
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Save on Costs

Shipping all your packages separately can get very expensive, especially when business is booming. With BBA, you can merge goods bound for multiple destinations into single bulk deliveries. This saves your business money and improves your bottom line.

Ship with the Best

BBA’s automated shipping rules determine the ideal carrier and shipping method for all your deliveries. This means you can always count on the best prices, most reliable service, and fastest delivery times.

Smooth Integration

If you already have warehouse processes, workflows, or digital shopping cart systems in place, you don’t have to stress about changing them. Our innovative platform’s API allows it to effortlessly integrate with a wide range of pre-existing systems.

Automated Journey

A single tracking number is automatically generated at the very beginning of your shipment’s journey. This number is all that’s needed to ensure your goods swiftly and simply get to their recipients.

Tracking and Notifications

No matter what stage of the delivery process your package is in, you can locate and track it. Your recipients will also be notified of important steps in the package’s journey in real time, including if delivery is delayed for more than 24 hours. With BBA, no one is left in the dark.

Fast Fulfilment

Is manual data entry keeping too many of your staff members busy and preventing your goods from being shipped as soon as possible? Using BBA, fulfilment can happen automatically and extremely quickly, saving your company time and money.

Inventory Optimisation

Are inventory levels not adding up like they should? Is stocktake a pain that costs you valuable resources? Drive omni-channel and in-store sales growth with BBA’s advanced inventory and product assigning capabilities throughout your in-store and distribution networks.

Shipping Rule Automation

Our highly sophisticated shipping rules logic is pre-configured out of the box and can be tailored to any business’s needs, allowing you to drive decision making and shipping selection in a highly automated fashion. Select rules for specific locations or delivery types. Tailor order management rules for shopping carts based on order value, sales channel, geographical location of customers, and more.

Packaging and Cartonisation

Your BBA system selects the ideal packaging logic as part of the order management process. Our technology can advise the operator on how to optimally pack each shipment, taking guesswork out of the equation. This doesn’t just reduce errors in handling; it also improves speed and efficiency throughout the process.

Management Reporting

BBA’s fully automated self-serve reporting and analytics tools help you make data-driven decisions to continually enhance your logistics operations. Analyse the performance of supplier fulfilment, learn where and when your freight spend is occurring, understand supply fulfilment and lead times, and more.

In-Built Currency Exchanger

No need to worry about currency exchanges catching you out and costing you big dollars. Our system takes these into account and allows you to pay everything pre-postage with a single currency.

Other Costs Covered in Advance

As well as currency exchanges, BBA also lets you take care of any customs clearances, duties, and taxes before the shipment goes out. You can ship domestically and internationally with peace of mind, knowing nothing will come back to bite you.

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