Domestic Shipping

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Whether you need to ship to every corner of the country or just between a couple of cities, the BBA shipping platform can be tailored to suit your needs. Using our innovative technology, we can turn your lengthy logistics process and impatient recipients into a smooth domestic shipping system and happy customers.

BBA: Domestic Shipping Made Better

Does your company’s success depend on your ability to move and deliver goods quickly all around the country? Our technology can ensure your fulfilment process is as quick as possible, allowing your goods to get shipped sooner. BBA is the perfect domestic freight shipping system for companies that:
  • Deliver products to customers in different parts of the country.
  • Run stores or offices in several regions.
  • Rely on e-commerce as an essential source of revenue.

Why Choose BBA?

Posting in bulk can save you an impressive amount of money. With other systems, taking advantage of this fact is only possible if all your items are being sent to the same address. But with BBA, you can send a single bulk package containing individual items destined for various different customers. On top of this, our domestic shipping system comes with a range of optional handy features, such as:
  • Easy integration with your existing warehouse processes and shopping carts
  • Tracking capability at all stages from fulfilment through to the break-in-bulk point and final delivery
  • Pre-selection of best route and carrier for you and your customer
  • Notifications sent to your customers at every important phase of the package’s journey.
There simply is no better way for a business to manage their logistics. Contact us today so we can help you make the move to the BBA system.

Daniel’s Story: A Hypothetical Case Study

Daniel runs his own business, Desk Couture, which creates and sells a wide range of personalised stationery. The base products are manufactured in Shanghai, after which they are sent to Daniel in Toronto. His local team then personalises the items and ships them to customers, who live throughout the various provinces of Canada.
When looking over his business expenses, Daniel notices the cost of delivering his products to customers is significantly higher than the cost of having the items initially shipped to him, even though the former is domestic shipping and the latter is international. Frustrated by this, Daniel does some online searching and discovers BBA. By integrating our system, he is able to dramatically cut the cost of his deliveries by posting goods in bulk.

But that is not the end of it. Positive customer feedback starts pouring in, with phrases like ‘Arrived so quickly!’ and ‘The live notifications were really helpful!’ coming up time and time again. Business booms as word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty both increase. With BBA’s automated domestic freight shipping platform, Daniel has created a more efficient, cost-effective business model and a more delightful experience for his customers.

Good on you, Daniel.


Are you available in my country?

BBA can be deployed across any domestic market worldwide. Please get in touch with us to find out for sure.

My company needs to ship overseas as well as locally. Can BBA still help me?

Definitely. Our platform supports international shipping as well as domestic. In fact, a number of the available features – including taxes calculation and pre-postage currency exchange – are designed specifically to make our web app the perfect solution for shipping abroad.

Time to Upgrade Your Shipping?

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