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  Work with any shipping provider to automate your logistics processes and ensure your goods arrive on time, every time.
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BBA’s sophisticated platform allows your business to work with any carrier worldwide. You can include your entire network of carrier service providers in the BBA portal. Our technology caters to all types of carrier options, from large multinational providers to specialised fleets of local trucks. Whether you’re shipping by air, sea or land, BBA is the streamlined solution your business needs. Let the team at BBA work with you to provide a comprehensive carrier model tailored to your requirements.

Mix and Match Carriers for the Best Results

Sometimes a carrier is the best option for one stage of the process but not the whole journey. When this is the case, our system will automatically mix and match shipping carriers to produce the ultimate overall package path. The transition from one carrier to the next is seamless thanks to the tracking number that is automatically generated before your package is dispatched. Read more about this feature on our multi-carrier technology page.


Which carriers are available in my country or region?

BBA works with you to facilitate all your carrier partners both domestically and internationally. We include your current services into our technology so you have one singular logistics portal to streamline your entire supply chain.

Does BBA offer freight managed services via its system?

No, BBA does not resell any freight services. Our offering is purely a logistics automation platform. If you require this, please contact us so we can put you in touch with one of our appropriate resellers.

How is BBA superior to other similar services?

Our carrier mix-and-match capability and selection of useful additional features make our system stand out from other comparable products. We also have an unbeatable dedication to customer service; we are not satisfied until you are enjoying the seamless, stress-free shipping process your company deserves.

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