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How it works?

BBA is a web-based app designed to streamline your shipping process. It enables you to produce a single tracking code for a package during dispatch, which will then allow the package to transition smoothly from line haul to local delivery.

Step 1. Fulfilment

Our system imports the data for your deliveries and preselects the most suitable carriers and transport modes. It then automatically creates a tracking code for your packages. At this stage, all currency exchanges, taxes, duties, and customs clearances are anticipated and accounted for. You confirm all the information is correct and the package journey begins. Your customers receive a notification letting them know their goods are on the way.

Step 2. Line Haul

Your packages travel long distance to the appropriate break-in-bulk point. This stage can involve transport by:
  • Train
  • Plane
  • Ship
  • Long-distance truck.
You are able to track and check on the package’s progress at any time.

Step 3. Transition to Final Delivery

Once your bulk package arrives at the break-in-bulk point, it’s time for the individual goods to go their separate ways. This is where deliveries are broken down and sorted for final delivery. Thanks to the tracking number generated back at dispatch, you can rest assured your items will be quickly and easily transferred through to the next phase – even if they are being passed on to a different carrier. Your customers receive a notification letting them know their goods are getting closer.

Step 4. Local Delivery

From the break-in-bulk point, a local carrier will ensure your packages get to their recipients’ addresses, usually by way of truck. Thanks to the progress notifications, your customers know exactly when to expect the arrival, and they are delighted to receive their goods so quickly and affordably.

Why Choose BBA?

We are truly dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line technology for your company. Everything we do is underpinned by our values of innovation, assurance, and service. Our software also comes with a comprehensive range of useful features to make shipping even simpler for your business. If your company needs efficient, automated fulfilment and a seamless delivery process, we are ready to help. Get in touch with us to begin discovering the many benefits our software can provide for you.

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