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Supply Chain

BBA’s supply chain solutions help businesses provide a full-circle, closed-loop automation process with an emphasis on visibility and cost controls. We create a seamless journey from the point of manufacture to the final delivery into store, with every stage in between handled efficiently and accurately. This highly sophisticated logic provides end-to-end management for supply chains around the globe. Using the BBA dashboard, you can always know what each supplier is packing and dispatching (and when they are doing so). Our technology is also focused on cost-control mechanisms to ensure your logistics operations model is saving you money at every stage of the journey.

Driving Force: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force behind BBA’s supply chain solutions. The IoT concept relates to everyday objects having network connectivity. Our core value of constant innovation has driven us to pioneer the development of technology automation by merging breakbulk and multi-carrier shipping with IoT principles. By doing so, we can provide truly remarkable benefits to businesses Applying IoT methodologies to a supply chain means items can be located at any point in the process, allowing for optimisations including:  
  • Stock counts and inventory controls with 99% accuracy
  • Security and stock authenticity protection
  • Cost savings on shipping and logistics
  • Time, speed and process efficiency across the entire supply chain.
  Work with your preferred carrier services and let BBA ensure your business is getting the most out of its supply chain capabilities

Cross Dock Management

Combined with BBA’s supply chain automation is a fully scalable Cross Dock Management portal. This allows you to provide further visibility while goods are in transit and ensure smoother deliveries. BBA software can facilitate order management notifications, pre-alerting your warehouse or 3PL partners of inbound goods to prepare for dispatch. BBA provides advanced shipping notifications (ASN) and the ability to automate and manage reconsolidation and rerouting of stock to various ports or hubs. At the same time, our solutions also ensure your costs are kept to a minimum. This automation provides truly world-class precision when managing all your suppliers, and it brings the entire workflow together into one unified system with fantastic data-analytic capabilities.


With our many years of experience in tailoring solutions for ecommerce fulfilment, you know your business is in safe hands when you choose BBA. We can expertly integrate your business model with a shopping cart solution or even an online marketplace. Do you have a great product range you want to export oversees (e.g. to China or the USA)? Not sure how to break into new markets? BBA’s comprehensive suite of ecommerce solutions presents you with easy ways to manage and execute even the most complex fulfilment models. Whether you want to fulfil orders directly from your store or seamlessly through a supplier, our technology can be customised to satisfy your exact requirements.

Business to Business

If you need a technology solution for delivering to your resellers or retail network, BBA has you covered. Achieving KPIs and service-level benchmarks has never been easier thanks to our intuitive system. It allows you to provide business-to-business delivery management solutions, including intra-store network delivery, drop ship automation, and much more.


Do I need separate accounts to set up all these different fulfilment scenarios?

Not at all. BBA’s system is an all-in-one platform, which means it can match all your logistics and fulfilment needs via the one simplified and easy-to-use system.

Can a supply chain solution cater for both domestic and international needs?

Absolutely. Our system can be tailored to suit your supply chain operations regardless of the geographic locations you operate in.

I currently use an ecommerce portal (e.g. eBay or Magento). Will BBA be helpful for me?

Definitely. With BBA, you can connect to as many stores as you need. You can even manage all this within one dashboard to fulfil your shipping needs easily and quickly.

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