Reevu: A BBA Success Story


"BBA focused approach on relationship, cost savings and innovation provides me with great confidence as a business leader. Our Logistics costs were spiralling out of control and we needed intervention. BBA listened, understood our requirements and then developed a plan which was executed from start to finish. As a result our operations are now streamlined and customer satisfaction has increased."


- Cary Murphy, Managing Director of Reevu Australasia Group

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The Client

Expert manufacturers and talented designers have allowed Reevu to create a revolutionary motorbike helmet – the world’s first model to feature a rear vision system integrated into its design. By combining cutting-edge materials with contemporary and intelligent design, these helmets offer motorcyclists the ultimate in safety, comfort and style.

The Situation

Reevu services leading dealers and government authorities throughout the world. Until recently, their process looked a little like this:

  • They would receive their products from their manufacturing facility on a regular basis
  • They would then store the helmets with a third-party logistics provider for redistribution.

As any business manager knows, while supply can be managed and kept consistent, demand is unpredictable. It wasn’t long before Reevu began experiencing issues with warehousing and stock control – not to mention the fact that shipping costs were spiralling out of control.

The Solution

Cary Murphy, Reevu Australasia Group’s Managing Director recognised the problem and knew a solution needed to be found. He met with the BBA team and explained the situation.   Using our advanced breakbulk multi-carrier system, we were able to quickly re-engineer Reevu’s logistics model. Our dedicated experts handled the process from beginning to end, ensuring that everything from the integration of our software to the carrier selection was taken care of swiftly without any corners cut.

The Results

BBA’s innovative technology has allowed Reevu to enhance and improve their business in several ways. In particular, the company is enjoying:

Cost savings of up to 22%

Heightened visibility of stock

An reduction of up to 16% on returns

Faster dispatch times.


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