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At its core, Break Bulk Automation (BBA) exists to make shipping an effortless and inexpensive part of your business’s routine.

Too often, we hear from business owners and managers that shipping is a problem area. Fulfilment takes too long and costs too much. Or their current system is lacking in features and is less efficient than they would like. These common issues are what inspired our founders to create BBA with a focus on making these problems a thing of the past. With proven track records in building high-growth business models and many years of freight and logistics experience, our team is perfectly qualified to provide you with the shipping solution your business needs. We focus our resources on developing the most innovative technology and providing our clients with the highest level of service; by doing so, we seek to ensure your company’s shipping will never be a problem again.

Our Values

Our brand is founded on the qualities we value.  

Integrity and Accountability

We believe reputation and trust are essential traits for any organisation. We are an honest and transparent company striving to make a positive difference.  

Constant Innovation

To continue offering the most advanced solutions to our clients, we must continuously develop newer, more sophisticated software.  

Customer-first Approach

Without exception, our clients always come first. Success for BBA exists in the success of the companies who use our technology.  


We have created an environment of teamwork and respect. This extends to all aspects of our business and all people involved: customers, internal stakeholders, and external partners.  


Drive and commitment are key. Passion is the quality that drives our team and enables us to continue providing exceptional solutions and service.  

Time to Upgrade Your Shipping?

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