We empower your business with highly innovative technology, ensuring every shipping experience runs smoothly and efficiently.

Automate every stage of the shipping process with all the features included in our platform. When you use our intuitive web app, everything just works.

Save time and money on your deliveries. With break bulk logistics, you can send packages faster and more affordably.

A break-in-bulk point is where goods are passed from line-haul transport to local delivery. BBA ensures this transfer occurs quickly and automatically.

  • Experience
  • Automate
  • Efficiency
  • Speed

Why use BBA?

With a complete suite of valuable features, BBA's patent pending technology provides you with everything you need to ship easily and efficiently.

We understand every company’s requirements are different. To optimise your shipping process, we work closely with you to develop a customised, elegant shipping solution.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and developing brilliant technology is what gives us the edge.

Experience the Difference

It’s time to discover just how much of an impact break bulk shipping can have on your business. Please contact us to discuss how we can integrate our system with your shipping process. Once your shipments are being fulfilled automatically and in bulk, you’ll wonder why you ever did things the old way.

Your Problem

  • Your deliveries are all sent individually, costing your business money.
  • Fulfilment is done manually, which eats away at your most valuable resource: time
  • There are gaps in what your existing shipping technology can do, leaving you and your customers to guess about things like delivery dates, taxes, and exchange rates.

Experience the Difference

Our technology enables you to group packages for multiple recipients into less expensive, more convenient bulk deliveries. The BBA platform automates this process, leaving you free to direct your attention and resources to other important areas of your business.

By focusing on innovation, we stay ahead of the game. This means our clients always have access to the most up-to-date and advanced break bulk shipping features available. With BBA, you can:

And that’s only the beginning of what our technology can do for you.
Read about all the excellent features included in our platform.


My clients and partners are some of the most well-known, recognised brands in the world. We generally need to ship large-quantity, high-value goods on a just-in-time basis to various last-mile distribution points. Since deploying the BBA system we now have greater visibility and control over this process. Their technology has really helped our business and I can certainly say BBA have allowed Park Avenue to focus our attention on optimising customer relations rather than managing back-of-house operations, which is very good for business.

  Park Avenue Foods Andreas Konig - CEO

Dealing with government and education sectors means a high level of compliance and certification in everything we do. This high standard also requires supplier compliance. We reviewed the market and decided BBA was the best fit for OFG due to its feature-rich capabilities. It allows us to manage and provide visibility across the entire supply chain from manufacturer to our local DC and final customer deliveries. Their systems are easy to use, they integrate well into our other systems and their service is A+. I would highly recommend BBA.

  Office Furniture Group Andrew McCoy - Operations Manager

We have a Magento store which drives our ecommerce operations. Sending sheds to homes can be quite challenging due to the size restrictions. The cost pressures of selling online means the delivery costs can be the difference between converting sales. The logistics and fulfilment model which has been deployed in collaboration with BBA has allowed me to improve the service we offer to our customers, expand my customer reach nationally, and streamline back-of-house processes. The BBA technology stack easily integrates into my ecommerce store, it’s easy to use and the team support you along the way. I highly recommend BBA.

  Garden Sheds Jay Bickford - Managing Director

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